Cowboy Boxes vs. Cardboard

Say goodbye to building boxes

The Problem

Cardboard boxes can carry cockroaches, bed bugs, spiders, and fleas. They provide a perfectly cozy place for insects to hide in. Seriously? Aren’t you tired of the cardboard box nightmare?

The Solution

Cowboy Boxes: The Best Darn Boxes AroundDon’t provide these pests with housing. It’s time to move smarter. Plastic bins from Cowboy Boxes are sanitary, clean, and safe! Make your next move a dream with Cowboy Boxes!

No More Cardboard!

With Cowboy Boxes, you won’t be fighting with a tape gun! There’s no need to build boxes. Cowboy Boxes are made of industrial-strength plastic, making them bigger and stronger than any cardboard box.

Stack 'em High!

If you like things neat and tidy, you’ll love Cowboy Boxes. Our boxes stack beautifully empty and full. We carry two sizes, large and extra-large, and their smart design allows for the bottom of each container to fit perfectly atop the next one. This means you can stack them up for maximum organization and better use of precious staging space as you move.


Packing has never been easier when you use Cowboy Boxes. You won’t need to buy tape and assemble. We deliver your Cowboy Boxes right to your door, or we’ll stack them in your house or garage until you are ready to pack. After your move, call us and we’ll pick them up from your new place.

Secure and Dry

Cowboy Boxes have secure, hinged lids that snap together. Cardboard doesn’t hold up in the rain, or when a box loaded with heavy books is stacked on top of breakables. Our boxes don’t get soggy or bent, meaning everything inside stays secure and dry.

Save Money

We’ve figured out that you’ll spend about 50 percent less when you rent Cowboy Boxes verses purchasing cardboard and all that goes along with making up boxes. You don’t need tape! You’ll use much less paper, bubble wrap and packing materials.


Savings over Cardboard


Less Assembly Time


Less Damage

Amazing Experience

  • Savings Over Cardboard 50%
  • Less Assembly Time 100%
  • Less Damage 75%
  • Positive Experience 100%

The Best Darn Moving Boxes Around!

Cowboy Boxes delivers! You pack and move, WE PICK ‘EM UP!

Designed to easily stack so you can maximize truck space.

Order your COWBOY BOXES according to the size of your home.

Rent, Relocate & Return! COWBOY BOXES will pick ’em up for FREE!